Do you want to value your practice?

There are many reasons why you might need to have your Practice valued.

  • You might be bringing in a new Partner.
  • A Partner might be leaving or has died.
  • You might be thinking about selling.
  • You might be thinking about disposing of one of your branches.
  • You might be thinking about acquiring another Practice.
  • You might be thinking about buying a share of a Practice.
  • You might be thinking about merging.
  • You might need one for your Bank.
  • You might be thinking about forming your Firm into a LLP or LTD and need a valuation for balance sheet purposes.
  • You might even need one for a divorce matter, an insurance claim or even for probate.

There are very few people who have the experience to professionally value a Practice.

Generally, accountants haven’t got a clue when it comes to valuing law firms.

The only way of really knowing what a Practice is worth, is to have had the experience of selling them and we have sold dozens & dozens of them over the years.

We specialize in working for Law Firms.

To date we have worked for over 696 Solicitors’ Practices both in the UK and overseas.

I doubt that there is any other organisation in the UK who has worked for so many Law Firms ~ and I have the letters of reference to prove it.

If you need your practice valued, just call us on 01494 483728 or email