Do you want to sell or merge your Practice?

The Bottom Line Consultancy specialises in working with Solicitors’ Practices.

We have established and developed a database with details of over 100,000 Solicitors’ and their Practices.

We email our database once every 4 – 6 weeks with details of law firms looking to sell, looking to merge and looking to acquire.

We have two web sites that we sell our Clients’ Practices from [also take a look at].

We advertise every week in The Gazette.

We also have an ongoing Google Adwords campaign so if anyone is interested in buying or selling a law firm, they will be directed to our web sites.

If you are seriously interested in selling, merging or acquiring, we are probably one of the few, if not the ONLY, professional organisation that can help you ~ ethically, professionally and discretely ~ and, perhaps more importantly, successfully.

What our clients say:

“I’ve actually agreed a sale in principle – awaiting confirmation in writing of the offer tomorrow with a view to completing by the end of the month.”

“Thanks for your help – the deal I have agreed is much better than I thought was possible!”

“I write to thank you for your assistance in disposal of my practice”

“I confirm that no further marketing is required”

“I am writing to thank you for your kind assistance during the recent sale of my practice in [Name of Town deleted]”.

“Your quiet work behind the scenes to bring matters to fruition was greatly appreciated”

“There is enough interest at the moment and I feel I could sell the Firm three times over”

“I am pleased to report that Contracts were exchanged yesterday for the sale of my Practice”

“I have now succeeded in agreeing a merger of my Practice with [name of Firm deleted]”

“Terms have been agreed subject to contract……….for goodwill/fixtures and fittings with all staff to be retained and Lease assigned”

“You may rest assured that I will recommend your services whenever I get the opportunity”

“Very many thanks for all you have done and for the ever cheerful and friendly manner in which you have carried out the work on my behalf”

“I am writing to let you know that the merger with [name of Firm deleted] has effectively taken place…”

“ I recommended you to [name deleted] the other day so hopefully he will call you… I told him that your system really does seem to work”

If you are serious about selling, merging or acquiring another practice, then talk to the professionals.

Call on 01494 483728 or email us at