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Ray was the author of many books including: 

“Running a Successful Law Firm – Strategies and Tips for Success” (co-authored with other Core Legal Directors)  



“More Commercial Clients And How To Get Them: A “How To” Book For Solicitors’ Practices

 “I know we don’t want to admit it or say the words out loud but here goes – “Generally, Solicitors are crap at marketing”. There, I’ve said it. We all know it’s true but what can we do about it? A lot of Solicitors’ Practices will spend a lot of money on marketing, but this doesn’t often pick up more commercial clients – a group who are often more profitable than a typical private client. This book is about how to get more commercial clients. If you want to make more than just a living – this book is for you.”


How To Make £1,000 Per Week Running Your Own Import / Export Agency

“Have you ever thought about running your own import / export business? Do you want to know what to do and how to go about it? This handy little book contains tips, the steps, letter and agency contract templates which you can amend and use for your own purpose. It is absolutely possible to make £1,000 Per Week Running Your Own Import / Export Agency from home. Then you should get a copy of “How To Make £1,000 Per Week Running Your Own Import / Export Agency”



How To Make £1,000 Per Week Running Your Own Unique Marketing Business

Would you like to operate and grow a business working from home? This book explains how you can start your own unique marketing business – working from home, and make up to £1,000 per week doing so.