Do you want to acquire another Practice?

We specialize in working with Legal Practices.

We have established and developed an email database of around 120,000 Solicitors’ and their Practices that are interested in selling their Practices plus another database of Solicitors’ Practices that are interested in acquiring other Practices.

We also know of many Solicitors’ Practices that are interested in Merging with other Practices or require a valuation.

If you are looking to sell or acquire a Legal Practice, we currently have Firms looking to acquire.

We can offer you an “acquisition service” where we will try and find a practice for you to acquire in the right geographical area or handling the right type of work. If you are interested in acquiring a Solicitors’ Practice or selling your own, we are probably one of the few, if not the ONLY, professional organisation that can help you ~ ethically, professionally and discreetly ~ and, perhaps more importantly, successfully.

We charge a nominal up-front fee of £2,500 + VAT and then the remainder of our fee is success based.

To give you a rough example, a law firm with a turnover of, say, £300,000 could well be generating £100,000 in net profits. Our success fee on an acquisition such as this would be around £7,000.

If you are serious about acquiring another practice, then talk to the professionals.

Call Ray Fox on 01494 483728 or email